World year of Physics 2005
Japanese / English
  The 26th Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics

November 16-18, 2005
(International session: November 17 (whole day))

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Suzukakedai Campus, Yokohama, Japan

The First International Workshop on Ultrasonic Motors and Actuators
(November 14-15, 2005)

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Suzukakedai Campus, Yokohama, Japan


We cordially invite you to participate in the English Session of the 26th Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics in Yokohama, Japan, on 16-18 November 2005. The first symposium was held in December, 1980, and offered an opportunity for experts in basic and applied research on ultrasonics to meet and discuss their work. Since then, innovations in ultrasound have been presented at subsequent symposia every year for a quarter century. For the 26th session, the symposium is being held on the Suzukakedai campus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Last year, to mark the 25th anniversary of the first symposium, and continuing for this year, an English session and guidance in the preparation of English presentations were introduced to internationalize the symposium, as were the establishment of a paper prize and online publication of presented papers.

Recently, industrial participation in the symposium has dropped though the number of papers for each session has increased significantly, and so the quality and quantity of discussion have both suffered. The executive committee is working on changes to the symposium to ensure sufficient discussion even in sessions with many contributions, and to encourage the participation of industrial researchers. Unfortunately, the scenery at Suzukakedai this year is incomparable to last yearfs beautiful Hokkaido, but it is hoped the extraordinary developments, exposure of young talent, and fruitful discussion to be exhibited at this yearfs session will make up for the scenery.

I eagerly await your participation in this yearfs symposium!

Prof. Sadayuki Ueha, organizing committee chairman

1. Fundamentals, phonon physics
2. Physical acoustics, Materials
3. Measurement techniques, Imaging, Nondestructive testing
4. Acousto-optics
5. Bulk wave devices
6. Surface wave devices
7. Sonochemistry
8. Medical ultrasound
9. High power ultrasound
10. Underwater ultrasound
11. Miscellaneous

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