World year of Physics 2005
Japanese / English

1. ORAL Presentation
Total time for one oral presentation is 15 minutes. You can use 10 minutes for your presentation, and should leave 5 minutes for questions and answers. There is a PC-projector in the room. You are requested to bring your own notebook PC for your presentation. A four-channel switcher is equipped in the room. Before your presentations, the first four presenter should connect their PCs to the switcher. Please remember to disconnect your PC just after your presentation. USE of your own PC is recommended, since problems of font-mismatch and movie might occur.
Please pick up the reprint at the registration desk before your presentation.

2. POSTER Presentation
(a) Pre-poster presentation One-minutes oral presentation for each poster is scheduled in the program. Please prepare your abstract including figures with TRANSPARENCY. An over head projector (OHP) is equipped in the room. You can use two transparencies for one presentation. The time must not exceed one munutes.

(b) How to prepare your poster The dimensions of the poster should be smaller than 1200(W)x1700(H) (in mm). The poster is pasted on the board using pins. We will prepare the pins. No electrical power nor desk are provided. Your poster number is displayed on the poster board beforehand by us. You are requested to paste your poster before your pre-poster presentation, and remove it after the session. Please pick up the reprint at the registration desk before your presentation.

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