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Visa Application

Participants who need visa for visit Japan should prepare form for application of visa.

If your stay in Japan is several days during the symposium, at first
we will send you five kinds of documents according to your information,
and you will submit them to the appropriate Japanese embassy or consulate with your passport and the application form. You will eventually get visa a week later.

For the preparation of five documents in our side, we need detailed information about you and your stay in Japan.
We would like to ask you to download and fill out the visa application form, and then send us via e-mail directly with a copy of your passport (the page of photograph).

Procedures for getting visa

Download the visa application form (MS Excel format).

Download Visa application form

Fill out the visa application form.

Send the visa application form with a copy of passport to us via e-mail.

USE2007 committe sends five documents which we prepared to you by EMS.

Submit to Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.

You can get visa in 7 days time.

(Normally it takes 7 days, but for some cases could take longer.)


Visa Exemption Agreement Countries


A Guide to Japanese Visas


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