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Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics : Best Paper Award

Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics : Young Scientist Award

We announce the Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics: Best Paper Award for persons or a group who presented a research achievement that significantly contributes to the science or technology of ultrasonics, and who also published a paper on the same subject in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. The selection will be made from among candidates recommended by the organizing committee members.

We also announce the Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics: Young Scientist Award for a first author and presenter of an outstanding paper in either an oral or a poster session, who is under 37 years old of March 31, 2008. Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply for it in the USE homepage.

The awards ceremony for both awards will be held during the USE symposium (USE2007).

Our committee makes a decision best paper award winners of USE2006. (9 November, 2007)

Young Scientists Award of USE2006
Fast Recovery of Elasticity of Cu Thin Films at Room Temperature Studied by Resonant-Ultrasound Spectroscopy
Nobutomo Nakamura, Hirotsugu Ogi, Takeo Nakashima, Masahiko Hirao and Masayoshi Nishiyama


Quantitative Evaluation of Two Kinds of Surface Roughness Parameters Using Air-Coupled Ultrasound
Deden Dian Sukmana and Ikuo Ihara


Ultrasonic Imaging of Propagation of Contraction and Relaxation in the Heart Walls at High Temporal Resolution
Hiroki Yoshiara, Hideyuki Hasegawa, Hiroshi Kanai and Motonao Tanaka


Our committee makes a decision young scientsit award winners of USE2006. (5 July, 2007)

Young Scientists Award of USE2006
Numerical analysis for ultrasonic beam of variable line focus transducer
Takahiro Aoyagi

(Tokyo Institute of Technology, P2-6)

Micro-Brillouin scattering study of acoustic properties of protein crystals
Yuji Ike

(University of Tsukuba, H-3)

Ultrasonic transmission images using phase conjugate waves
Tatsuya Seki

(Chiba Institute of Technology, P3-18)

Measurements of intense ultrasound field in air using a fiber optic probe
Hiroyuki Takei

(Tokyo Institute of Technology, P3-10)

Excitation and detection of ultrasound shear wave by EMAR under high pressure
Ryuichi Tarumi

(Osaka University, P1-6)

A novel magnetic field sensor using piezoelectric vibrations
Keita Dan

(Tokyo Institute of Technology, P2-5)

Time domain analysis of propagation of sound in shallow water
Takenobu Tsuchiya

(Kanagawa University, P1-61)

Elastic constants and piezoelectric coefficients of langasite single crystal at low temperatures
Hiroki Nitta

(Osaka University, P1-8)

On SH wave propagating in a pipe in the longitudinal direction
Takahiro Hayashi

(Nagoya Institute of Technology, P3-21)

Shape memory piezoelectric actuator
Takeshi Morita

(The University of Tokyo, P2-31)

Characteristics of shear mode FBAR using (11-20) textured ZnO films
Takahiko Yanagitani

(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, P1-16)

Motion-compensated frame-accumulation method for improved image quality of carotid artery
Hideki Yoshikawa

(Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., P1-55)

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