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JJAP Paper Submission
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JJAP Paper Submission

Submission way has been changed from postal mail to Web-based system.
Those who submit a manuscript to Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) special issue should submit via Web-based system by November 26, 2007 (Monday).

The address for submission of the special issue is different from that of usual issues.
Please do not submit to usual issues.


Please access to the Web-based submission system for JJAP Special Issue -- Ultrasonics, shown below, and follow the instruction.

If you can’t submit via Web-based system, postal submission will also be permitted. But we recommend using the web-based system.
Please send:
PDF file of manuscript, one hardcopy, application form and agreement for copyright transfer.
Editorial Section of JJAP Special Issue (USE 2007)
The Institute of Pure and Applied Physics (IPAP),
daVinchi Yusima 5F, 2-31-22 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0034, Japan

1. Guideline of JJAP
a. The paper submitted for the special issue should not be identical to the proceedings distributed during the conference. The content of the paper should be original.
b. The submitted paper will be reviewed based on the JJAP standard for an original paper. All papers submitted are not necessarily accepted in the final review.
c. If the manuscript is not accepted for publication in the special issue by the deadline for the final revision (planned as the end of Feb. 2008), the review will be aborted. However, the manuscript can be newly submitted to usual issues of JJAP.
(Nov. 20, 2007 revised)
d. The authors of invited papers are also welcome to submit their presentations as a review paper. It will be reviewed based on the JJAP standard for a review paper.

2. Instruction, Information for contributors, application form, agreement for copyright transfer and publication charge
Information for contributors
Application form and agreement for copyright transfer (Only for postal submission)
Publication charge

3. Recommendation of citations
We recommend citing many references from JJAP Special Issue – Ultrasonic electronics, especially from;
●JJAP, Vol.45, No.5B, (May 2006) 4423-4881.
●JJAP, Vol.46, No.7B, (July 2007) 4421-5003.

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