The 44th Symposium on UltraSonic Electronics


Registration and the submission of proceedings papers can be done on the USE website after obtaining your account and your page.

1. Apply for an Account

You can log on to "My page" on the top page of the USE website after obtaining your account. If you have an account from the last symposium, you can use the same ID and password. If you registered as a student, please make a new account.

2. Registration for presentation

Registration of a presentation must be made before 24:00 (JST), July 12, 2023. If you are 37 years old or under on April 1, 2024, we recommend that you apply for a Young Scientist Award when you register.
You may be a coauthor of multiple papers, but you can be the presenter (either oral or poster) for only one of them. Also, the same person cannot be the first author for multiple papers. If we receive papers with the same first author, we will reject all of them.

3. Submission of proceedings paper

Submission of proceedings paper (A4, two pages) must be made on your “My page” before 24:00 (JST), August 9, 2023. Papers are reviewed and the acceptance of the paper and presentation style (oral or poster) will be confirmed in the early part of September by email.
USE proceedings will be pasted on this web site approximately six months after the conference.

4. Payment of registration fee and paper fee

After the acceptance of your paper, your registration and paper fees should be paid before October 4, 2023. Your paper will be cancelled if the payment is not confirmed. You can check your status on “My page”.

5. Payment of registration fee for attendees

The registration fee at a discounted rate should be paid before November 3,2023

All participants have to pay the registration fee (and paper fee) individually. Please do not make a multiple registration for more than one attender with a single payment.