The 44th Symposium on UltraSonic Electronics

Instructions for speakers


  1. Presentation time slot
    Contributed presentations: Presentation (10 min.) + Q&A (5 min). = 15 min.
    Plenary presentations: Presentation (40 min.) + Q&A (10 min.) = 50 min.
  2. Presenters are requested to wait at seats at the front line in the main conference room before the beginning of the presenting session.
  3. Presenters should upload their presentation materials using a USB flash drive (USB stick) in advance to the Windows PC set up on the presentation stage.
  4. If presenters are willing to use their own PCs for the presentation, they should check whether they work correctly with a projector with HDMI and RGB D-sub connectors in advance, say during the intermission. We will not extend the allocated time slot even if your presentation will be delayed by any projector problems. We do not prepare special connectors for a MAC PC.
  5. Please note that the presenter should not be changed from the one at the registration.


  1. Poster display
    One poster board is allocated to each presentation. The maximum size of the poster is 900 mm in width and 1200 mm in height (approx. A0 size). Please include your paper title, author's name(s) and affiliation(s) at the top of the poster.
  2. Attendance at your poster
    Two hours are given to each poster presentation. Poster presenters with odd (or even) poster numbers are required to defend their posters during the first (or last) one hour of the allocated poster session. Please check the poster board number given to each poster board. Paper without attendance will be regarded as no-show paper and removed from the web version of the proceedings.
  3. Display time
    Posters are allowed to be mounted on the poster boards during the following period. Posters should be removed until the end of the period. If not, remaining posters will be removed by the organizing committee.
  • Session 1P, first day 10:00-16:30
  • Session 2P, second day 9:00-16:30
  • Session 3P, third day 9:00-16:30


Applicants for the Young Investigator Award should display the Young Investigator Logo which will be download bellow. The logo will be posted in the following locations:
  • Oral presentation: on the top left of the first slide (title page) of your presentation.
  • Poster presentation: on the top left of your poster.