The 44th Symposium on UltraSonic Electronics


  1. Visa Application
  2. Procedures for getting visa
  3. References

Visa Application

USE organizing committee supports the authors of accepted papers who need visas to visit to Japan.
If you need an invitation letter for your visa application, please follow the procedures below.
Attention: Please make a payment of required registration fee(s) before applying visa.

We need your personal and stay information in Japan to issue the letters. Therefore, please fill in the form, and send us the file by e-mail

Procedures for getting visa

Download "VISA Information Form for USE2023" (MS Excel format).


Fill in the form.
Send by e-mail.

1. Information Form (Excel format)
2. Scanned file of your passport (pages with your photo).
Send them as an e-mail attachment directly to

USE committee sends invitation
letters that we prepared for you by EMS.
1. a visa application form (you need to prepare by yourself)
2. the letters from the committee
3. your passport
to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country as soon as possible.
(see " A Guide to Japanese Visas ")
You can get a visa in about two weeks.
(Normally it takes about two weeks, but for some cases could take longer.)


Link to the website of Japan Ministry of Foreign Affaires